Before we accept you as a client, we require that you complete a basic profile questionnaire; allowing us to better understand who you are and the type of partner you are seeking.  After reviewing your preliminary responses, we arrange your in-person meeting that will allow us to expand on different facets of who you are, while learning the desires of your future partner. During this meeting, we will ask a variety of questions designed to paint a clear picture of the type of partner you are searching for—from one end of the spectrum to the other—we cover it all!


Up to two follow-up meetings may be held to help us discover your specific desires. During these subsequent meetings, we will ask questions tailored to you and your search. This helps narrow your search to just the kind of person you’re looking to meet. From this information, we’ll create a plan of action that best positions you for romantic success.




Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to find someone you see a potential future with. Because we’re highly selective about the people with whom we pair our clients, we have the utmost confidence in our ability to match people with whom they’ll want to date again and again.


As one who’s likely focused on their career over their personal life, who’s wasted too much time with well-meaning setups, blind dates, or who would never fathom engaging in database-blasting matchmaking websites, you’re likely in need of an attentive ear who seeks to understand who you really are and who you ultimately want to meet. Our goal is to be that person.


We strive to be the top-notch executive recruiter you need for your love life. Instead of relying on a database of names, faces, and scant personal information, we take the time to personally seek out the hard-to-find matches you’d likely never find on your own. We haven’t achieved our goal until you’ve achieved yours.




Our Memberships

An Ultimate Matchmaker membership is a set fee, although some customization may be allowed following the first in-person assessment. In getting to know you and your needs, we will help you determine which package suits you best. If we don’t feel our firm is the right fit for you, we will definitely let you know. We pride ourselves in our selectivity, as we will not work with just anyone willing to pay us. We have your best interest in mind whether we accept you as a client or not and will see that through on every level.

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