The Meeting

Begin your process with a personal, face-to-face consultation with expert matchmaker Jennifer Donnelly. During your time together, Jennifer will discover exactly what you are looking for in a relationship and a partner.




The Profile

Jennifer’s team will create a customized profile for you that will guide the selection of your future dates – working with your preferences, must-haves, and deal-breakers. Your profile will evolve throughout your experience with The Ultimate Matchmaker, as together you and Jennifer learn more about yourself and who you are seeking through each step of the process.




The Selection

The Ultimate Matchmaker team will personally interview each candidate, assessing them against your individual guidelines to weed out those that would not be a long-term fit.




The Introduction

The candidates we select will be presented to you with their bio, personal details and photos after each candidate is personally screened. After presenting prospective candidates, we will set up an “introduction,” where you and the chosen candidate will meet for the first time.




The Date

This is the best part of the process. The Ultimate Matchmaker team will assist you in the planning of your first date; coordinating the time and place that works for both the client and candidate.




The Feedback

Although most people contact us immediately following their date, within 24 hours we will contact both parties to hear the details. After reviewing your initial thoughts, the team will meet and discuss an action plan for your future introductions.


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