The Ultimate Matchmaker is an exclusive, boutique matchmaking firm in the heart of the most elite enterprise circle of downtown Dallas. Founded by Jennifer Donnelly, whose expertise has been sought after for the last 15 years, The Ultimate Matchmaker caters to busy, private, high net worth, high-profile individuals who are relationship-focused and intentional in finding love. At The Ultimate Matchmaker, we represent the most eligible singles and when necessary will conduct nationwide searches in order to provide our clientele with the most accurate match.


The Ultimate Matchmaker difference is our meticulous approach and time-intensive searches for each individual client. Each member of The Ultimate Matchmaker, candidate and client alike, go through an extensive, in-person interview. We conduct such meetings with the intent of learning all intricacies right from the start– to create a customized profile of what each client is looking to find in their future partner. This customized profile includes individual needs and incorporates their specific ideals into each candidate interview conducted on their behalf.  It has been said that The Ultimate Matchmaking team is even more selective than our clients themselves when it comes to the introductions.  This is a result of the countless interviews conducted before a client goes on a first date.  Our team does not stop until we feel confident about the match.


We pride ourselves in providing each client with focused attention from beginning to end with experts in the industry. Our personalized, accuracy-driven approach is a difference our clients notice immediately. Client confidentiality is a pillar of our firm, a non-negotiable priority as our clients hire us to protect their privacy so they can share without hesitation. We approach each client-specific interview in the most discreet manner, and uphold confidentiality through the entire process.


Because of the network of quality connections established in the last fifteen years, we do little to no marketing. Word-of-mouth from quite happy couples can’t help but spread. Our sought-after method of matching has required that we work off a waiting list since the first week we opened. The difference is evident, therefore worth the wait for a client— as we provide each client, both male and female, with the time, attention and the tools to create success in all aspects of their future relationship; an unwavering passion and intuition that Jennifer and her team possess.



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